Yoga for Swimmers

Yoga seated twist
Yoga for swimmers

Yoga seated twist to the right

Did you know that yoga can also improve your swimming performance?

In crawl style swimming you will highly benefit from a mobile thoracic spine (roughly the area of your spine starting at the end of the neck and ending just underneath your rip cage). Turning your torso efficiently will result in great strokes. There are many different spinal twists that can help you to mobilize and strengthen this part of the spine. One simple one we would like to introduce to you today you can see on the picture. Also a great warm up 😉

How to do it: Sit up right with a straight spine. If cross-legged sitting is not for you, sit back on your heals instead. Bring your shoulders up, back and down. Arms into cactus, your elbows in one line with your shoulders. Leave the shoulders relaxed and down and activate your hands too (remember, there are no lazy parts in yoga 😉 ) Inhale, open your chest and bring your shoulder blades together. Exhale twist around your midline to the right. Try to leave the spine in the centre and feel how your upper upper body is performing the twist. Inhale back to the centre. Exhale, twist to the left. Continue a few rounds.

Photos by Oliver Förstner Yoga Photos

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