Yoga for cyclists

Did you know that yoga can improve your cycling performance?

Bike and yoga teacher
My Cyclocross Hektor and me

Efficient oxygen intake!
Good breathing is vital, especially when you request endurance performance from your body. Yoga helps you to optimize the ratio between muscles used for a single breath and the amount of oxygen you take in with it.

Further you are in a pretty static bent-over position on your bike, hips and lower back become tight. Yoga can help loosen these muscles, as well as strengthen them.
Also your core, neck and shoulders get stretched and strengthened during your yoga practice, from which particularly your long rides will benefit.

Hence Fitnesss dk and Warrior Princess Yoga are offering a Yin Yoga class on Mondays at 19:30, with long deep stretches designed by a cycling yoga teacher for cyclists. All yoga levels and non cyclists are welcome too.

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