Office Yoga

Bring well-being to your office with yoga and meditation

You can book us as your office yoga teachers in Copenhagen or for online sessions. Wellbeing perks for your employees are a great investment. Happy and balanced coworkers contribute to a harmonious office environment.  Stretching will reduce pain in the back and neck often caused by sitting long hours in front of the computer. The breathing exercise and meditation elements will clear the mind and train focus and hence increase productivity.

Benefits of introducing office yoga to your company are:

    • Strong company culture and better team work
    • Less (long term) sick days
    • Less employee turnover
    • Improved talent acquisition
    • It shows you care

15 minutes business yoga available for 500 DKK and 30 minutes session for 600 DKK.

1h session 950 DKK. Prices for more than 10 students on request.

Discounts for multiple classes available.
Email us for details.

The best stress relief option for the office
"I was looking for some options to engage with our employees but also make them enjoy their time in the office, then yoga came to my mind so I contacted Julia 🙂 Her approach was perfect for our needs, we first started with yoga and later we added mediation, which was the best thing ever! After a long day of dealing with sales and customers, mediation is the best way to release stress. Julia always brings new techniques and exercises to free our minds and train the body. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone who’s trying to create a better atmosphere in the office."
Fernando Henrique Galon , 36
Head of Recruitment at
Office Yoga Noho
Rooftop Yoga Soho