Continuousness is Key

That’s the amount of logged activities when I set the filter in Strava on YOGA.
I have been doing yoga every now and then, but it took me long until I took it more serious and wanted to really get into it.

First log: 16. Feb 2016 Frankfurt.

This first log was a session in my old gym. Still not very found of gym yoga. Feb 2016 I was training with my personal trainer Greg. Yoga had by far not yet the importance to me. But this was also the time when I met Christian the physiotherapist who told me to get my muscles longer to be a more successful cyclist.

2nd log: 22. Feb 2016 Yoga with Alex.

Alex, a yoga teacher herself now, took me to her Yoga Studio in Frankfurt. Stephan is great. He helped me to ease into yoga. I feel like yoga in a gym is so performance oriented. Just by the whole gym culture. Who can lift more, who runs faster, and don’t tell me you haven’t glimpsed over to check who got more weights on or who burned more calories…
But yoga is a practice. It does not matter if you get your leg up higher than the person on the mat next to you. Going to a studio and practicing in a smaller group with an eye on technique and not on gained muscles, was the start of my yoga journey.

3rd and 4th log: two more Yoga sessions in Frankfurt before my move to Copenhagen.

Followed by 5 yoga sessions in April and May. The first studio I tried in Copenhagen was not the best match and then came summer. Yoga was not part of my life yet, so it didn’t get high up on my priority list.

But the Scandinavian winter was coming and I needed warmth and energy to survive that. I wanted to try a new studio.

10th log: Yoga in Danish.

What the fuck am I doing here. I felt super rusty, this downward facing dog is killing me, I do not understand a word… Savasana, I made it. I am lying in this warm room, full of energy and love and I new it will help me to survive the winter. I wanted to make this a routine… and 72 logs later I am writing this post before my morning yoga session.

Why this post? Yesterday I saw 2 new girls in the studio. Struggling to keep up with the pace, mixing up left and right arms etc. I remember, that I was the same. I still fall every now and then because I loose my balance. But I didn’t give up. If the first session sucks, don’t say yoga isn’t for you. Find the right studio and teacher. You will grow together and after maybe 82 or more logs you will understand the beauty and make it a habit that will change your life.


Yoga in the wild

I spend the weekend in Norway. Ida and I visited some of her lovely friends. On Saturday we went for a hike up to Preikestolen. A majestic and magical place.

The energy up there was great and we did some yoga in the wild.

Ida took photos of me while I was doing Asanas on the edge of this 25 meters times 25 meters square high above the Lysefjord.

What a feeling of freedom of sitting still on the edge of a 600 meters drop. Next time you go for a hike. Just find a spot that sends you good energy, sit down and breath for a while before you continue.

Your study must be steady

After my ankle injury end of August, I was not suppose to use my foot for a few days. After 2.5 weeks I went back to the studio, trying to put not to much weight on it. So my downward facing dog, was pretty much a three legged dog most of the time. This week I was almost without any pain and managed to go to 3 Hatha classes. In the admission letter from yoga school it says, do as much yoga as possible before you come. But realistically, it will take me some time to go from a twice a week routine to a 4 times or even daily one. So this week it was 3. I can feel it in every part of my body. It is fascinating, that just after 3 weeks of no practice my body tells me, where have you been, why didn’t you exercised with me regularly? A friendly reminder to stick to your routine. One of the principles of yoga:

Your study must be steady,
Without gaps.

(How Yoga Works, G. Roach, 2004, p. 18)

So my plan is to go to yoga 4 times next week. Thinking of 3.5 hours of Asanas (the physical yoga posses) 6 days a week during my training, should be taking rather serious.

Also the point about  1h meditation every morning. I am far from being decent at in. I like how How Yoga Works talks about meditation. It refers more to sit still (p. 80); silent sitting. The first obstacles is to actually sit still for some time. Unplug from all the chaos around you and just sit; still in your body, still in your mind. I have not been sitting upright with a straight back for one whole hour. Julie from my yoga studio told me, practice sitting! Your hips will kill you if you don’t. Sitting here up straight writing this post, feeling all the tiny muscles in my back, I take this damn serious. So I started sitting with a straight back. Especially on yoga free days. Adding a minute of sitting every time on my beloved yoga block.

But today I rest my body and continue my literature studies, while having a coffee in the sun.

Have a fantastic weekend!