A rush of gratitude.

Today I took time off the finca life in Spain and went for a drive. After I left the highway and found a small little beach village offset the high rising hotel complexes along the Spanish coast, a feeling of calmness and belonging came over me. It actually reminded me off driving threw Australia and I realized I do not have to fly around the world to get this feeling of freedom. And this feeling of freedom and trust was all by the sudden so overwhelming, I drove threw a beautiful national park, winding roads and no idea what is behind the next turn. Dark clouds over the green mountains and bits and pieces eliminated by the setting sun. Pure magic. I thought about the people who are in my life and have been in my life and the deep gratitude I have towards each and every encounter. If you are reading this now, we most likely been in touch in some way or the other. Thanks for being you and thanks bringing my karma back to me.
I also thought about the life choices I made along the way and now being in Spain for a month and soon leaving for Guatemala I realized how privileged I am. Not that I have the time or resources to do things like this, but to have the courage to live a life out of the norm. Then that is what it really is about; courage. The root of the word is cœur, the French word for heart. The burning desire to be alive comes from deep inside. As Mae West says: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. Some of my friends where sceptic when I told them about my plans to become a yoga teacher, but most of them believed in me. The desire to help others with my teachings comes from my cœur, so courage came naturally. And there I am at a finca in Spain surrounded by beautiful souls, going home in a week to be reunited with my loved once in the North and returning to my lovely yoga students. Hopefully my choices can inspire you that it is your own choice which live you want to live and if it is that you also want to travel, then listen to Paulo Coelho: travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

— Julia

Short Yoga Routine for Everyday

I promise you don’ t need a rooftop for some yoga, so no excuses 🙂
Do you spend a lot of time sitting on a chair? Do you regularly feel stiff in your back, shoulders and neck? Or do you simply want to stretch a bit in the morning or before going to bed?
These 4 Asanas (poses) are easy and achievable by anyone. Just use 10 minutes of your day to get down on the floor, on your yoga mat or on your living room mat.
Maybe they won’t look exactly like this and they might not feel very comfortable in the beginning, especially if you just started with yoga.
But progressions are guaranteed, if you keep practicing.

rooftop yoga

Upper right – Cow pose = make sure you are opening the chest and rolling the shoulders back; perform this pose on an inhale followed by a cat pose
Upper left -Cat pose = use use arms to press away from the mat and to round in your upper back; perform this pose on an exhale followed by a cow pose
Lower right – Puppy pose= start in a table top , keep the hips aligned with the knees, walk your hands forward and melt your chest towards the ground ;
Lower left – Child’s pose = bring your sit bones towards your heels, and round your spine. Other versions include opening the knees to the side while keeping the feet together and extending the arms forward.
Hold Puppy pose and Child’s pose for at least 10 deep breaths each.

Do it for yourself, keep practicing and enjoy the journey.

– Emily

Sun Salutations

There are numerous references of praising the sun for the purpose of good health and prosperity in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu texts. Daily procedures termed “Surya Namaskar” (which literally translates as “Sun Salutations”) were incorporated as daily mandatory routine for a Hindu, for the well-being of the individual. They involve physical prostration to sun, with a strong focus on breath and movement connection. This practice works on different chakras, energy centre, and can help activating the energy flow and the redistribution of energy among them. It enhances blood circulation and helps soothing the endocrine and nervous system. Nowadays different versions of Sun Salutations exist, varying in the sequence, the postures included and length. It is recommended to salute the sun in the morning with an empty stomach, but what matters the most is to practice it. Find your own version and make it a routine for you. Adopt it as a routine to build a strong and flexible body and it is essential for your mental wellbeing too. Remember to surrender and to let go of your holdings while you practice your Sun Salutation. Let the breath be the leader of your movements and let the energy of this practice run through your body and bring lots of goodness to it and to your mind.
Happy summer solstice and Namaste.

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,
‘You owe me.’
What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky. –

Text and Sun Salutation A by Emily.