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Authentic and traditional yoga with down to earth teaching, heart and good vibes. This is Warrior Princess Yoga. Julia founded Warrior Princess Yoga in 2017. Since then Emily, Swana and Kirstin joined the team. Working with dedication and love on helping you to find peace of mind and feel great in your bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

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“Movement has been a constant in my life. I started dancing when I was 6 and for the next 13 years it was all I knew. I liked other sports too, but nothing felt better than creating art and sensations with my body and within my body. When I left Italy to pursue my studies in Scandinavia, I knew it was not going to be the same, I was never going to find the same dance group I had back home, which in fact were and still are my best friends. So I started going to the gym. My private life was facing some challenges too and I was, not unlikely other girls of my age, struggling with eating disorders. I did not realise until recently, how much yoga helped me out of it. As I said, I started going to gym and even if I loved training, it also became addictive in a negative way. I was not training to get stronger and healthier, I was training because I wanted to reach a certain physical appearance goal. At the gym, I tried some yoga classes. I remember struggling trying to make it through that one hour. I was checking the time, wondering how come an hour could feel like 20 years, when all I am asked for is to breathe and lay down. That shouldn’t t be that hard right? Indeed it was! I was motivated to learn how to sit or lay down and not think. I thought that was all it was about. I mean, how hard can it be not to think for like 3 minutes? It was freaking me out the fact I couldn’t . A few years later I decided I wanted to learn more about the philosophy of yoga. I took a 4 weeks teacher training in Guatemala. There, I learnt why I could not just sit down and stop thinking: because nobody can stop thinking! Meditation is not about suppressing your thoughts and emotions, it is about accepting their presence and letting them not affect you. It is embracing whatever is happening in the present moment.The same I learnt with my body. I learnt to accept my body, to listen to my body and to be more mindful and sensible towards it. Same as dancing, yoga for me is movement medicine, it makes the body stronger and mind lighter. It is not about reaching the perfect pose, but the perfect pose for you, the one you feel your best. I have been teaching since September 2018 and I love it. I feel honored and blessed I can share my passion and energy with others.”

Emily holds a 200h yoga teacher training certificate from Doron Yoga and is writing her Master’s in human nutrition. She teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in English or Italian. 

You can join Emily’s group classes at Jo:ga or book her for office yoga as well as private sessions.

Yoga Teacher Swana

“I started doing Yoga while studying at University, realizing that it helped against my headaches and I wanted to become more flexible, sitting down studying all the time. During an extreme stressful period, I got into running, as I felt it served as a better exercise, when slow movements and breathing felt impossible. Moving to Scandinavia to study and work, I stopped doing Yoga for a while and just focused more and more on running. It was when I started to work full-time that I felt the need to get back to it.  Working in the startup industry comes with very blurry working hours and being reachable and with your thoughts at work most of the time. Yoga helped me to calm down for an hour and shift my focus. It forced me to be present in the current moment and let got of my thoughts.

That is actually what I love about Yoga, we force our mind to be present, shifting our focus on movement and the breath. Yes, Yoga helps you to become more flexible and can be physical challenging, but that is not what it is all about for me. Yoga for me is about creating space, find yourself on the mat, be present. The Indians call it monkey mind – our mind does not like to be present but instead jumps from thoughts about the future, to the past and back again. Like a wild little monkey, jumping from branch to branch in the trees. If we learn how to tame this monkey, we can relieve stress and anxiety.

In the beginning of 2019, I decided to go deeper into Yoga practice and philosophy and did my Yoga Teacher Training on Nusa Lembongan, Bali. What I experienced during this month changed so much for me, that I felt the need to share it with others and find a way to bring Yoga more into the business context. We need to take a step back from our lives from time to time. For me yoga class is a scare time, brining people together but also brining people closer to themselves, creating space. That is what my Yoga classes are all about, giving you a break from the daily life to find strength to tackle whatever challenges is thrown at you next – to come out of our fight-or-flight mode and calm the monkey mind. You don’t have to be flexible or “good” at meditation, just flow with me for a while and maybe it changes something for you as well.”

Swana holds a 200h yoga teacher training certificate from Nusa Lembongan, Bali.

You can book Swana for your office yoga classes.

Yoga Teacher

“In 2005 I met in Thailand a bit older woman in her mid 40ties who was doing yoga nearly every day at the beach. She was appearing much younger than her actual age and had a funny and open personality. Sometimes she would drink a glass of wine or smoke a cigarette but all in a very controlled way which didn’t seem to be hard on her. I still drank too much and smoked too much at that time, though this was pretty impressive for me. In the same year I decided to start with this yoga-thing and took my first yoga class. I was mainly looking for another kind of sport that would bring me additionally the same self-confidence and relaxed personality as this woman had. Does yoga offer this kind of miracle?

Almost 15 years of yoga and over 1.000 hours of yoga teacher training later I witnessed and can tell a lot of stories of how yoga changed my life AND the life of my students AND even the people around us for the better. It is just amazing! Yoga is per se a practice of change and it will ask you to open your heart for these changes. It can be that your intention when starting with yoga is that you just want to get more flexible, more powerful or more relaxed. You will get all of these BUT be prepared that it will not stop here. At least not in my classes. I will not allow that we stay that shallow, we will raise over the level of gymnastics and a bit of relaxation. With the help of the yoga philosophy you will dive deeper into your personality. Besides all the physical aspects you will find out on the yoga mat how your mind works (and plays tricks on you!) and how you can intentionally calm your mind with body postures, breathwork and meditation. You will find out who you truly are behind the shadows of your thoughts and behind the beliefs that society put on you. There is more than the obvious world reveals to you. Get back into contact with your intuition, make better decisions in your everyday life and love yourself for the divine and endless being you are!

I teach the physical aspects of the body postures (asanas) in a profound and save way based on the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment™ of Anusara Yoga. My classes are sometimes physical challenging and sometimes more meditative easy going – depending on the theme of the class. Due to my second 800 hours teacher training with a focus on yoga philosophy and meditation I can explain challenging ideas in simple words, so you can bring them to life in your practice on the mat and even easily transfer them into your everyday life. My goal is that you have all the yoga basics in your toolbox, that you start from a save place and then develop your home practice that finally gets your daily routine. Then you will probably still come to my yoga classes to connect with your yoga tribe (called kula) and profit from their uplifting energy. I would be so happy to welcome you in one of my classes, workshops or retreats 😊 Please read more about me and my teachings at YOGINESS.”

Kirstin finished in 2013 a 200+ hours Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training with Lalla and Vilas Turske. Link to her profile at the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. In Oktober 2018 she graduated a 800+ hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the  IYP Institut für Yoga und praxisorientierte Philosophie of Tanja Sailer. 

Yoga Teacher Julia
“Sometimes life goes unexpected ways…
If you would have asked me four years ago, if I would ever do yoga, I probably have given you a strange look. I liked running. I can’t sit still and make a knot in arms and legs. Until today I cannot touch my feet when I bend over. But it took me some time to understand that this does not matter and that yoga is so much more than challenging body poses.
So how did I find my way, you may ask. It actually started with a running injury. Multiple shin splints and a problematic knee made my life as a runner difficult. I decided to look out for a new sport. I always liked the solo sports. The peace and quietness and of course the independence of solo training is very appealing to me. So I got a bike.
You say, that’s not yoga yet, you are right. During this time I was living in Frankfurt. In the basement of the house was a physiotherapist praxis. I cannot remember what it was, but I asked him to help me with something. So we started to work on my stiff body. And then he said it: “If you want to become a good cyclist you need more muscles.” Sure, makes sense. And he added: “Those muscles has to be long to give you the strength you need. You are way to short everywhere. DO some yoga that will help.” I looked at him, yoga? But well, I wanted to be strong, so why not give it a try. Next thing I remember that my mentee Alex (spoiler alert, she is a teacher herself now) took me to her yoga teacher Stephan Suh in Frankfurt. And I liked it. Unfortunately, that was just before I left Germany to move to Copenhagen. The summer was full of sunshine and bike rides and there was no yoga on my mind. But when autumn came, the mood changed. Life moves inside and the sky turns grey and dark. I thought I could do some yoga to get my muscles nice and long for the next cycling season. I found a great studio around where I used to live. I made it my dedicated me-time throughout the winter. I left my phone home and walked to the 1.5h long practice. Twice a week. I don’t want to sound over dramatic, but that saved my life during my first winter in Denmark. And I kept the routine. And I changed not only how my body feels, I also got way more relaxed for the daily challenges we all face.
I thought, why not inspire others, those who always thought they could never do yoga, like me, and remember I am still stiff as a stick. I said to myself, if I really keep up that routine for at least a year, I will do a teacher training next year. First to understand the principles of yoga further to improve my own practice and later to also help others to find their way.
This article starts with the lines: Sometimes life goes unexpected ways… And that is what just happened August 2017. For the first time in my life I lost my job. A great time to rethink what I want in life, to challenge routines. I do believe, that everything happens for a reason. So I thought maybe it is already now to take the teacher training. Why wait until next year? It happened that I had planned a trip to Thailand in October, and on the very day when I booked my return flight a yoga teacher training on Ko Phangan starts, focusing on my favorite styles Hatha and Yin. I juggled around my money and rebooked my flight. Now I am a teacher and this job is all I ever wanted to do. Glad you are here with me.
I wrote those lines two yeas ago. Now Warrior Princess Yoga is a teacher collective of three teachers. We are specialized in making yoga accessible for everyone, as there IS a practice that fits every lifestyle, all needs and all physical bodies. Traditional yoga with a modern twist, down-to-earth teachings of an ancient science, laughter and sometimes tears of relief, full of love and passion to help you help yourself, that is what the Warrior Princess Yoga Teachers stand for.”
Julia holds two 200h yoga teacher training certificates one from Samma Karuna, Thailand and one from Pathways Country Yoga Retreat, South Africa and is soon starting her 300h advanced yoga teacher training at Doron Yoga, Guatemala. Julia teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin,  Meditation and Yoga Nidra. She teaches in English or German. 
You can visit her group classes at Salig and SATS as well as book her for private classes and office yoga.