New Ways

Sometimes life goes unexpected ways…
If you would have asked me 3 years ago, if I would ever do yoga, I probably have given you a strange look. I liked running. I can’t sit still and make a knot in arms and legs. Until today I cannot touch my feet when I bend over. But it took me some time to understand that this doe not matter and that yoga is so much more than challenging poses.
So how did I find my way, you may ask. It actually started with a running injury. Multiple shin splints and a problematic knee made my life as a runner difficult. I decided to look out for a new sport. I always liked the solo sports. The peace and quietness and of course the independence of solo training is very appealing to me. So I got a bike.

You say, that’s not yoga yet, you are right. During this time I was living in Frankfurt. In the basement of the house was a physiotherapist praxis. I cannot remember what it was, but I asked him to help me with something. So we started to work on my stiff body. And then he said it. If you want to become a good cyclist you need more muscles. Sure, makes sense. Ad he added. Those muscles has to be long to give you the strength you need. You are way to short everywhere. DO some yoga that will help. I looked at him, yoga? But well, I wanted to be strong, so why not give it a try. Next thing I remember that my mentee Alex (spoiler alert, she is a teacher herself now) took me to her Yoga Studio in Frankfurt. And I liked it. Unfortunately, that was just before I left Germany to move to Copenhagen. The summer was full of sunshine and bike rides and there was no yoga on my mind. But when autumn came, the mood changed. Life moves inside and the sky turns grey and dark. I thought I could do some yoga to get my muscles nice and long for the next cycling seasons. I found a great studio around where I used to live. I made it my dedicated me time throughout the winter. I left my phone home and walked to the 1.5h long practice. Twice a week. I don’t want to sound over dramatic, but that saved my life during my first winter in Denmark. And I kept the routine. Twice a week for a year now. And I changed not only how my body feels, I also got way more relaxed for the daily challenges we all face.

I thought, why not inspire others, those who always thought they could never do yoga, like me, and remember I am still stiff as a stick. I said to myself, if I really keep up that routine for at least a year, I will do a teacher training next year. First to understand the principles of yoga further to improve my own practice and later to also help others to find their way.

This article starts with the lines: Sometimes life goes unexpected ways… And that is what just happened last months. For the first time in my life I lost my job. A great time to rethink what I want in life, to reorganize routines. I do believe, that everything happens for a reason. So I thought maybe it is already now to take the teacher training. Why wait until next year? It happened that I had planned a trip to Thailand in October, and on the very day when I booked my return flight a yoga teacher training on Ko Phangan starts, focusing on my favorite styles Hatha and Yin. I juggled around my money and rebooked my flight. This blog will be the place where you can read about my preparation before the training, a diary during the course and the life after. Glad you are here with me. Namaste.