Where else

Every Tuesday morning I am teaching a Yin and Slow Flow class at the Salig Yoga Studio at Østerbro. Wednesdays just before lunch I teach a restorative Yin there and in the afternoon a beginner class: Yoga Basics.
Join my classes in this cosy studio, the first class is only 50DKK.
Mats and props are available as well as tea and changing rooms.

I am also working as a mobility trainer at the Crossfit Boxes. My classes will work your body from head to toe (literally). In 55 Minutes, you will move your joints in most possible ways and stretch your tired and sore muscles. In small classes, I am happy to adapt the program to the acute needs of my students. Try it out, I know you will love it.

I teach regular in the Box in Amager and am helping out in studios all around town. Follow my Facebook page and stay tuned about where and when my next classes are. See you!

Recently, I started working as a coach at [jo:ga] studios. Find my next classes on my Facebook page too.